How we’re going to build the Oasis

The Oasis is a Massively multiplayer online game from the popular novel Ready Player One. In this game, players travel to countless different zones which each have their own slew of activities such as PvP, questing, and socialising. In the book, this universe is built by a single entity. In reality, it would be impossible for a project of the size and scope of the Oasis to be built by one company. However, with the collective effort of the open source community, we can turn this fiction into reality. Resulting in a game that everyone owns, rather than just one corporation.

The Oasis has characteristics similar to the Internet. The size of the game demands a special requirement: wide scale permissionless collaboration. Meaning anyone — from any country, who speaks any language — should be able to contribute and expand the universe. Just like the internet, it’s going to be a group effort.

This begs the question, how will it be fair? If anyone can tamper with the code then it becomes possible to create unbounded wealth. Game currency, items, and player experience should be managed on a ledger which doesn’t require a trusted third party. So, we’re using a Blockchain. Specifics are outlined in the whitepaper here.

In 2020, this project will be deployed. This will be the largest open source and democratic online game ever. It’s called: Worlds.

Worlds Demo


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