I’m not putting a WiFi router into a phone charger (Part 3)

As you know, the Texas IC components are tight supply, most components are out of stock, just some agents in market have limited inventory, but these agents seized this change to increase the cost maliciously, some IC components even increased 1000 times, but still hot selling. This is really bad situation for both of us. Fortunatelly, this IC still has 3000pcs in stock, but frankly speaking, cost is a little expensive, the unit price is 49.7usd/pcs based on EXW, and the quotation is valid for 3 days.

Sourcing Electronics

Graphical Guide to Sourcing Electronics

Power Board Design

Boards with no components
Flyback Design
Half decent looking transformer
High side to low side isolation
Fuse F1

In Conclusion

Ryan Walker
Interrupt Labs INC.



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