Board Layout

96 Pin Ball Grid Array (BGA) package
A33-OLinuXion Top layer
CK/!CK: 0.2mm
addr[0:15], !WE, !CS, !RST, DBA[0:2], ODT, !CKE, CAS, RAS: 3mm
DQ[0:7]: 1.27mm
DQ[8:15]: 1.27mm

Power Supplies

Max efficiency for an LDO
Hot loop
Power Distribution Layer

Bill of Materials Generation

The Build

Bare Bords
Pasted Boards
Pre-Reflowed Bords
Finished Boards!


The Great Divide

RTL8188CUS Step File
RTL8188CUS Symbol
CUI’s PBO-15C-5
CUI’s Recommended Design

The Mech

Low Cost all Charger



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