We Surveyed the Modular Synth Community!

What is going on, we are building modules!

To help guide our open source development of modular synths we put together a survey! It received 42 entries and the results were pretty interesting. It’s better for everyone if we share this info, so here goes!

DIY Experience

Turns out that most of the community can solder, but surface mount components can be tricky. Several DIY kits will pre-populate the surface mount parts, which is starting to make more sense.

Types of Modules

Whoever wrote “Expressive breath controller”, we love you. The section with no label and 29 votes was titled “Crazy DSP shit you’ve never heard before”. We love that stuff as well! :-)

What do you want?

What do people want? Apparently not more modules! We would tend to agree, but are going to continue designing modules because it’s fun. This has driven us to drive more community engagement around modular as well.

The Cost

Unfortunately, as most of us already know, modular is expensive :(

People were motivated to take the survey because we promised to give away some modules. If you participated, be sure to keep an eye on your inbox :)

Free Bob Bass’

Thanks for reading! If you’re interested in more modular content, checkout our github and Youtube channel!

Building things.